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Q: What is your minimum order quantity or amount for your pet supplies and pets accessories?
A: In general, the minimum order amount for one order should not less than USD3000. And the minimum order quantity of the pet supplies and pet accessories varies according to different items. But everything is negotiable.
Q: How many pet supplies and pets accessories do you have?
A: We, Eastland Pet Supplies, have more than 3000 pet supplies and accessories for kinds of pets such as dogs, cats, parrots, rabbits, mice and other puppies. And we are developing and designing new pet accessories.
Q: Is it possible to mix and match the pets accessories for the minimum order quantity?
A: It is absolutely okay to mix and match the pet accessories for the minimum order quantity. But the total amount for the order should more than USD3000.
Q: Can you recommend some popular items of your pet supplies and pets accessories?
A: Our products mainly include dog chains, dog leads, dog collars, dog tie out stakes, dog car accessories, dog waster control accessories, dog training supplies, dog feeders, pet boutiques, pet feeders, dog waterers, dog harnesses, dog dishes, clothes for dogs, cat feeders, cat feeder, wicker dog beds, dog bedding, small dog clothes, clothing for dogs, clothes for dogs, big dog clothing, small dog harness, small dog collars, small dog beds, puppy sweaters, puppy beds, puppy accessories, pet sweaters, pet coats, luxury dog beds, large dog coats, large dog apparel, dogs coats, dog winter coats, dog pajamas, dog jackets, dog harnesses, dog outfits, coats for dogs, toys for dogs, stuffed dog toys, squeaky dog toys, kong dog toy, dog chew toy, dog chew toys, rubber dog toys, rope dog toy, latex dog toy, kong dog toys, leather dog collars, spiked collar, spiked dog collar, spiked dog collars, studded dog collar, studded dog collars, reflective dog collars, reflective dog collar, pink dog collar, pink dog collars, pink dog leash, pink leash, nylon dog collar, nylon dog collars, collars and leashes, dog leather harness, cat accessories, cat post, cat tree, cat scratching tree, cat scratching post, cat furniture, cat toys, pink cat collar, leather cat collar, cat grooming supplies, cat feeders, cat bowls, cat beds, cat bedding, cat beds, kitty bed, cat houses, cat condos, cat homes, cat hammock, cat perch, pet kennel, pet kennels, outdoor dog kennel, large dog crate, dog kennel supplies, cat kennels, cat kennel, pet carrier, dog carrier, pet traveling carrier, dog airline carrier, dog house, dog home, pet hotel, dog hog, canine cabana, cat shack, pet grooming products, dog grooming supplies, dog combs, dog brushes, pet clippers, pet waterer, dog car guard, cat door, pet door, cat flap, dog flap, pet flap, dog door, dog chew bone, pets accessories,dog food, pet food, bird food, bird accessories, bird food, bird fat ball, bird toys, parrot toys, bird cage, bird perch, pet perch, hamster ball, rodent products, rabbit hutches and pet enclosure.
And our popular products are dog accessories (leather dog collars, dog bedding, kong dog toy, dog feeders, dog grooming products, clothes for dogs), cat accessories(cat post/tree, cat door/flap, cat bedding, toys for cats),bird accessories(parrot toys, bird cage, bird food), rodent products( hamster ball, rabbit hutches) and other puppy accessories for small pets.
Q: Where do you ship your pets accessories?
A: We ship our pets accessories to US, UK, Turkey, Germany, Italy, France, Norway, Finland, Ireland, Denmark, Belgium, Sweden, Malta, Netherlands, Cyprus, Switzerland, Iceland, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Poland, Russian Federation, Romania, Hungary, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Yugoslavia, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, Brazil, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Venezuela, Chile, Middle East and other countries.
Q: How is your payment way?
A: There are mainly two payment methods that we accept. One is T/T and the other is L/C.
Q: Can I use my own freight agent to ship the pets accessories for me?
A: It is definitely okay to transport the pets accessories by your own freight agent in China. In this case, you will have no need to pay us shipping cost.
Q: Are you capable to pack the pet supplies and pets accessories according to the requirements of customers?
A: It is sure that you can ask us to pack the pet supplies and pet accessories in the way you requested. It is easy for us to do this.
Q: Is custom made pet supplies and pets accessories available in your factory?
A: Yes. We do custom made.